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2011年の最も美しい「顔」を比べるイベントで、今年はEmma Watsonが1位となった。

In her 6th year, and after being pipped to the post by Belle in 2010, Emma Watson flips the script and rises to #1 in the same year that her Hermione era ends.  However, we are sure that there are great things in store for Emma as an actress.  There is no doubt that she will emerge as one of the finest talents of this current generation.  She is the perfect role model for young women… intelligent, classy, courageous, thoughtful and humble.  We can’t think of a better choice in 2011 to top our list.  We are proud to say that Emma Watson is the Most Beautiful Face of the Year and we are reasonably sure that this will not be the last time we say that.  Congrats Emma! Click for Hi-Res Photo Gallery!

引用元: MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES 2011 | TC Candler.

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