で、このDashlaneが大胆にもデスクトップアプリをやめて、ウェブアプリケーションに注力すると言う話に以前から注目していたのだが、この度、その案内も来たので、1passwordを再びMacから削除してみた。そして新しいウェブアプリケーション(Safari for dashlane)を導入してみた。



Below are all of the major features in our web app and our desktop apps.We strongly recommend adopting the newer web app, which we’re constantly enriching. It may not yet include every feature found in the desktop apps, but it offers a better overall experience for the features you care about most, such as autofill.We’re in the process of moving over all key features and the majority of our additional features to the web app. See below for a breakdown of when you can expect certain features in the web app. Rest assured that we won’t be ending support for the desktop app until all the features marked as “Coming soon!” or “Planned” are added to the web app.

情報源: Feature comparison between the web app and the desktop app – Dashlane


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